WE ARE… The Penn State Glee Club

WELCOME to the new and improved online home to the The Pennsylvania State University Men’s Glee Club! We are so excited to finally unveil the final site that our Executive Board and many other people have been working hard on for over a year now. Within this hallowed domain name, we hope you find everything you desire concerning the Penn State Glee Club from ticket information, to the history of the choir, to Fall 2016 audition dates. As always, with all things new, the site is bound to encounter several bugs. Please bear with us until we can confirm everything is in working order.

Thanks to our site designer Luigi Guarnuccio, director Dr. Chris Kiver, our 2014-2015 President Eli Campbell, Reese Wamsley for their tireless contributions since the inception to get the site up and running. A special thanks to Mike & Martha Helms who, with the Dream Matching Challenge last year, gave us the necessary funds to make this dream a reality. We would also like to thank the Executive Boards and webmasters of the past 10 years who paved the way for this new site through their work on the original “pennstategleeclub.com.” We couldn’t have done it without you!