Audition Information

Fall 2016 Audition Information

Audition Times:
Sign-up & Audition Locations:

Sun. 8/22 – Thurs. 8/26 from 8:00am – 5:00pm
Music Building 1
Scales, intonation, sight reading (no prepared piece required)

More information about general choir and ensembles auditions can be found through the Penn State School of Music

All audition results will be posted at 5:00pm Friday 8/26

The first Glee Club rehearsal will be held on Monday 8/29 at 4:40pm

About the Audition Process

Thank you for your interest in The Pennsylvania State University Glee Club. We welcome male students from all majors in the University. Short auditions are typically held during the first week of classes each semester. Specific times and locations are posted in the Music Buildings, located on north side of campus between Pattee Library and Park Avenue. The audition consists of vocalizes to assess vocal range, sight-singing and ear tests – singing back short melodic phrases played on the piano. You are not required to prepare a solo. Candidates will be assessed based on voice quality, intonation, and range and will be placed according to the needs of the Glee Club.

Time Commitment

Upon acceptance into the Penn State Glee Club you agree to attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals are held every Monday and Wednesday from 4:40-6:00 pm in Forum Building. Annual performances include a Fall Concert and the Blue and White Concert in April, and the annual Spring Tour. There is also an expectation that you will sing at informal performances such as football tailgate sings etc.

Financial Commitment

Though finances should never be a reason not to consider joining the Glee Club, there are several requirements when joining the ensemble. Consider these costs equivalent to textbooks. Glee Clubbers are required to purchase black tails, black trousers, white shirt, white waistcoat, white bow tie, black shoes and socks for formal performances. This attire is part of our traditions and enhances our on-stage appearance. Members can purchase the outfit through a local men’s clothier with whom the Glee Club has made arrangements. In addition, Glee Club polos will be provided for a nominal fee for informal occasions, and khaki pants are required for informal and semi-formal performances. The total estimated cost of these uniform requirements are around $250.

The Glee Club also has a strong tradition of partaking on a Spring Break Tour, the first being in 1889 to Bellefonte, PA! While the Glee Club is able to partially fund the trip, not all costs are covered. Therefore, an additional financial commitment will be required to partake on this great week of song and travel. We never put financial ability before musical, and as such, arrangements can be made for those members unable to meet the costs mentioned.

The Hi-Lo’s

Members of the Glee Club have the opportunity to audition for the Hi-Lo’s, our a cappella group.  This group of 12-16 men perform light-hearted music from today’s hits, to close-harmony jazz oldies, and classic madrigals.  The Hi-Lo’s, now in their 81st year, perform extensively with and without the Glee Club around Penn State’s Campuses and throughout the Commonwealth.  Auditions occur shortly after Glee Club rehearsals commence.



Still have questions about the Glee Club or are uncertain about scheduling an audition? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Christopher Kiver, Director
105 Music Building 1
Phone (814) 863-4400
Mike DePodwin, President
Phone (908) 285-6630